Effective Food Hygiene Management is critical in preventing bacteriological and physical contamination of food. By implementing the legally required policies and procedures, including HACCP, businesses are able to reduce the risk of such contamination thereby eliminating the possibility of compensation claims and criminal prosecution by providing a due diligence defense.

It is almost certain that current arrangements for enforcing Food Hygiene regulations will be enhanced as a result of the formation of the Food Standards Agency.

Since the formation of the Food Standards Agency (FSA) there has been greater emphasis on both businesses and Local Authorities to ensure that the national picture for food safety improves.

The following range of services and support are provided to business:

  • Advice and guidance on Codes of Practice, Industry Guides and E.U. Directives
  • Assessment of statutory notices served on proprietors, directors etc. and advice on grounds for appeals, formulating a defence
  • All levels of good hygiene training (tailored to your business needs)
  • Food hygiene audits to include:
    • Structure
    • Condition and cleanliness of equipment
    • Temperature surveys
    • Problem solving e.g. design faults
    • Cleanliness
    • Assessment of documentation
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)
  • Expert witness statements and inspection reports (including interpretation of ‘due diligence’ and professional opinion on adequacy of controls)
  • Food Complaint/Food Poisoning investigations
  • Legal advice
  • Food Safety policy development and implementation
  • Supplier surveys (via questionnaire or full audit including development of specifications of standards)
  • Bacteriological sampling programme
  • Trading standards issues e.g. labeling audits, weights and measures
  • Assessment and implementation of operating procedures
  • Interpretation of current legislation

Key benefits:

  • We are experienced at developing and implementing Food Hygiene procedures in businesses ranging from BBQ’s to full-scale manufacturing plants.
  • All consultants are qualified Environmental Health Officers (EHO’s) and experienced in lecturing food safety and are members of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.
  • We understand the needs of the food industry, operating efficiently and cost-effectively.

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